Kitchen Creations

Fresh Kitchen CreationsI looooooooove food….and most of all I love, love, LOVE eating good food! Homemade is best for my waist and for my kids. So my husband and I are constantly experimenting in the kitchen and searching for fast, easy, and tasty meals.

I am not, by any means, a natural born chef!

As my husband tells our friends, when he met me I could boil water well enough. 😀 Luckily for me, my husband enjoys cooking and experimenting with ingredients so he taught me a few things too. You’re awesome hubby!♥

I love baking (and eating) desserts, and I’m a HUGE fan of bacon! So this might be the star of a lot of my dishes, because let’s face it….everything tastes a little better with a little bacon.

All the recipe pictures are taken in my very own kitchen with accessories I own. The one thing you are sure to see in a lot of my step-by-step pictures is my cutting board…my cutting board

I love this cutting board and it’s the best one I own!

I believe in keeping food pictures as true to real life as possible. As much as I appreciate fancy and staged food photography, there’s nothing worse than making a dish that doesn’t look anything like the picture you’re shown! With that said, I do edit my food pictures (with regards to cropping and lighting), because I take all my pictures with my cell phone and I’m at the mercy of the light conditions in my kitchen.

In this section I will share with you:

  • My very own husband and kid approved recipe creations
  • Tips and tricks to make cooking, baking, and kitchen cleaning easier
  • My favorite recipes from around the world wide web

Please dig in!signature



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