DIY & Organizing

DIY & OrganizingJoin me on my journey of turning our ordinary house into something extraordinary, while maintaining a kid friendly, cozy, and clean environment.

My husband and I are truly blessed to have found our house! It’s not a big house, it’s not a fancy house, but it’s ours. With the right renovations, decorations, and furniture, we are able to turn it into the best house for us.

A little warning about myself…

When it comes to cleaning, I might have a slight obsession with keeping things shiny and new. I tend to be a little too detail oriented and at times it does border on OCD…you have been forewarned! 🙂

Growing up my mom always kept the house organized and spotless. I mean if anyone could fit 12 pairs of shoes in a box that holds 6…my mom could do it! lol

So nevertheless, this kind of attitude rubbed off a little on me – which I guess it’s a blessing and a curse. I mean I find cleaning relaxing and it helps me relieve stress. At the same time, having dishes pile up in the sink after our first baby was born used to drive me nuts! Thank you mom! Love you! ♥

Luckily, my husband keeps my OCD tendencies in check and he is very handy. He’s not afraid to tackle a new project, but he’s smart enough to admit when something I ask him to build is out-of-his-league. With that said, together we’ve been able to complete some pretty amazing renos around our house.

In this section I will share with you:

  • Step-by-step pictures of renovations we’ve done around our house
  • Tried, tested, and approved DIY tips and tricks
  • Cleaning and organizing tips, tricks, and products

Let’s get the sweat rolling!signature



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