AboutMe in a nutshell…

Hi friends! Please grab a drink, get comfy, and welcome to my Life Around the House!

My name is Cat. I’m a mom who tries to keep up with two very energetic kiddies, and the wife of a supportive husband who helps keep me grounded.

I’m quirky, sometimes nerdy, and always outgoing! I love a good cup of coffee and I’m in a never-ending love/hate relationship with sugar.

I’m trying to make Life Around the House extraordinary…one kid, meal, and sq. ft. at a time!

Why write about Life Around the House?

Life around our house is many things, but never slow or boring!

What can I say…turning a house into a home is not easy. Chores are never ending and there’s always lots to buy, fix and DIY.

I’ve dubbed myself as the Head of Household Operations and my husband as the Head of Household Finance and the BBQ. We have searched, researched, and experimented with all things home related.

Together, we hope to help make life around the house a little easier for you by providing honest, tried, cost saving, and generally real everyday useful advice. Our goal is to have you spending more time doing what you love with the people that matter most.

How my site works:

In hopes of making my blog as easy to read and search as possible, (because who doesn’t like finding info fast) I have divided it into 4 main sections:

Kitchen Creations
Creative Corner
DIY & Organizing

Each section contains a brief summary and info on what you’ll find there now and what’s to come.

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It’s a pleasure to meet you, now let’s get some stuff done around the house!signature

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